diy wooden key holder

another favorite project for our new apartment.
what you will need for this project:
– a piece of drift wood, or branch of some sort
– an electric drill
– drill bits that are around the size of 3/16 & 3/32
– 3 hooks
– a piece of twine (mine was about 24 inches)
– one nail
start by finding the perfect side of the wood to be the front of your key holder.
using your 3/16 drill bit, drill one hole on each end of the wood
drilling all the way through the wood.
pre space out how far apart you want your hooks to be, mark with a pencil and using your 3/32 drill bit, drill 3 holes. don’t drill too far with these holes, just enough to make a good start for your hooks.
then screw your hooks into the holes until snug.
next, thread your twine through the holes, leaving the ends of the twine below the hooks. tie 3-4 knots and cut the end of the twine off.
hammer a nail next to your door, and hang your new, cute, never loose your keys again, wooden key holder!
i hung mine under this wooden chalkboard i made. i thought they were the perfect pair!
you can copy this by snagging a wooden slab at michales for around $10, throw a few layers of chalkboard paint on it and there you have it!

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