22 weeks and finally rocking a decent bump.
i just wanted to share some little insights on my pregnancy so far…
i had a whole vision on how hard it would be to get pregnant, and how my body would react to being pregnant. boy was i wrong.
in january my doctor told me he was 95% sure i had endometriosis, which i had known to be true for years now. it was weird hearing it be official and knowing it could be a struggle to get pregnant. we had secretly been trying for a few months, and i just knew that it was going to come down to me getting surgery or getting on clomid to help me conceive. i tried eating gluten/dairy free for 3-4 weeks in april just before our big family trip to hawaii. not sure if it was the healthy food changes, or that sweet hawaiian air, but i got pregnant on that trip!
when i took that pregnancy test and saw those pink lines show up instantly, i thought it was a fake. i quickly took another one and sure enough, it showed up again.
i remember driving down to meet jared for lunch to surprise him with the news, and kept checking to make sure those lines were still there. i thought it was all in my head, it couldn’t happen this easy for us, could it?
well it did, and this babe is hear for the long haul!
i cannot tell you how amazing this journey has been so far!
i am in love with being pregnant. i have been so giddy from the beginning just knowing that this little guy in my belly is going to make me a mom forever, and nothing makes me happier!
there is no greater feeling than feeling a little baby kick inside of you. i can’t even explain it, but it makes me tear up just talking about it. i love the little reminders he gives me that he’s there on a daily basis. even when it’s in the middle of the night, i still smile!
i’m not saying i’ve had the most perfect pregnancy so far… i’ve had my share of pains, some stomach aches/sickness, hormones, and restless nights sleep. but i choose to focus on the good, and laugh at the changes my body is going through.
i have had 2 significant days where my emotions got the better half of me. one being cafe rio didn’t put my salad in the to go bag with all the other orders. i cried all the way to go back and pick it up. don’t mess with a really hungry pregnant lady.
but both times i have been able to laugh through my cries, knowing that this is something i would normally never cry over, so it’s hilarious to me that you really cannot control your emotions.

so i think my happiness has outweighed my hormones.

i hope if you are pregnant or when you get pregnant you are extremely grateful. i know so many people don’t get the opportunity to experience this, or have a hard time getting to this point. so be thankful you get this chance! it is all so worth it!

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