our story

jared and i met through the ever so popular dating app…
but really, it’s true.
one random day in may, i was browsing through instagram, trying to gain new followers…
i was looking on a friend’s list of who she follows and saw a handsome man. i immediately pressed the follow button. just had to. thinking he would follow back, so i let a few days go by… nothin!
i decided to start liking some of his pictures. instantly, i get a follow back from this good looking man, and he liked one of my photos.
after days of liking each other’s pictures back and forth i said to a friend, “how many likes is it going to take before we actually like eachother???”

that night i got this comment below.

pictured: jared’s comment on my photo (left) my response back (right)

i couldn’t contain my excitement when i saw that comment!
the next night, we chatted on facebook where jared asked me out, and got my number.
right off the bat i knew he was a keeper, and on our first date – june 1st – i found out i was right.
we’ve been together practically every day since, and still laugh at the fact we met on instagram! we love it! thanks kevin!six months later in december jared took me ice skating, pulled me into the middle of the rink, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.

read more about that here. one of the best days of my life!

But the absolute BEST day of our lives was when we were married and sealed together forever on
APRIL 28, 2012

we’ve been married for 2 years now and are loving every minute of it.
so happy i have found my best friend for life!

in january of 2014 we became parents to the raddest dude on the block… oliver j.