diy nightstands

some of you may know that we just recently moved from draper to lehi. for past year we have been living in a couple’s home while they were on an LDS mission. while it was so nice to pay cheap rent, and live in a huge home that was fully furnished, we were excited to finally be in a place of our own.
we had one free desk to our name as far as furniture goes, so we knew we had a lot to get. we didn’t want to spend our entire savings on furniture so we have been spending our nights staining and building our own.
these nightstands have got to be my new favorite addition, and pretty easy if i say so myself!
i’m horrible at taking photos during the building process, so you’ll just have to bare with me…
for this project of 2 nightstands you will need:
3 – 1x8x8ft wood boards – about $8 each
wood stain – i used mixwax gel in hickory
clear coat – i used minwax polycrylic clear satin
32 – nails – we used #17 x 1″ – 1.75 nails
8 – legs
and a hammer
to make life simple, head to home depot to get your wood. they will cut the boards down to the exact size you need them at.
 you will need:
-8 pieces that are cut 20″ long
these are the top & bottom boards
-4 pieces that are cut 14.5″ long
these are the side boards
the boards you get claim to be 8 inches wide but they are really 7 1/4 wide.
so overall the dimensions of your box are 20″ wide x 14.5″ deep x  8 4/4″ high”
please use my sad little graphic as a guide…
after your wood is cut, and sanded smooth, comes the fun part. and by fun i mean messy! staining the wood.
it’s best to use an old t shirt cut up to apply the stain. use one scrap to apply the gel, and one clean scrap to remove and even out the stain.
i only did one coat, because my dresser i stained turned out a little darker than i wanted.
once it’s dry apply the clear coat.
next, you assemble.
i found all the pieces that looked the best and used them as top pieces, and pre set up how each box was going to be set up.
nail the two top boards to the long edge of the side boards, repeat for bottom.
you can see my nail placings were in this photo, just 2 on each end of each board, so that will 16 nails per nightstand.
legs! let’s talk about legs! i really wanted some hairpin legs, but j wasn’t loving them, so we decided to go a little more simple, and i love them!
we ordered our tapered 16″ legs online from waddell manufacturing company.
you can purchase them HERE for $4.26 each!
put a fresh coat of gel stain on these babies, measured 1″ from each corner, made a mark, drilled a hole and screwed them in tight.
and there you have it! we spent about $80 for 2 nightstands since we already had the stain and clear coat left over from our dresser. but you can’t beat that price!
feel free to ask questions in the comment box!
lamp is from ikea, only $30!

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