diy baby valentines

i’m a big valentines fan, and so my kids will have to be!
i wanted to include oliver in making some valentines for his cousins and friends, and aunt/uncle that are on missions.
let me warn you that oliver was not the biggest fan of getting his hands and feet painted. it’s as if he thought i was cutting them off. haha. i thought i had the perfect set up, put him in the high chair with snacks to eat, and baby einsteins playing on the computer next to him. i wasn’t sneaky enough. but it was worth it, i mean look how cute these are!


my lil sis hit her halfway mark on her mission last month, so i put together a little package for her. she’s in the deserty part of california and i thought a cactus theme would be perfect!
diy cactus pillow – everything emily
cactus weekly notepad – wit and whistle
cactus keychain – tapir back
diy cactus piñata – oh happy day

nine months

not sure if i will ever grasp that you are mine oliver j. how did i get so lucky? every day somehow keeps getting better and better!

malibu hike

photo from hikeology

i found this sweet blogger, hikeology, that will blog different hikes in and around LA. i’ve discovered so many i want to do, and some were even close to us. so we set out saturday afternoon to malibu to do this sweet hike that overlooked the ocean.

after we headed down to the beach just across the street from the hike. it was the perfect way to spend a saturday afternoon. can’t wait to check off more hikes fromhikeology

a peek at oliver’s room

here is a little peek at oliver’s room so far.
it’s definitely not finished. i’m in need of a rug, some pillows, a bookshelf, another light source.
BUT i am pretty in love with how it’s turning out.
custom wood silhouette – vonjet silhouettes
obsessed!! ^
paint color – comet dust by valspar at lowes
shelves – ikea
whale print – etsy
dolphin – tj maxx
other prints & sailboats – made by me
beach book – amazon
little crab book – amazon
little cloud book – amazon
dresser & curtains – ikea
lamp – target

rope curtain tutorial – HERE

world map – thrifted
crib – ikea
cloud pillow & driftwood mobil – made by me
crochet blanket – made by my mother in law
wood silhouette – vonjet silhouettes

final countdown

we’ve made it.
we’re one month away exactly.
our little oliver will be here before we know it!
since i can’t contain my giddiness, i thought i would share one of my most favorite gifts i have received.
this cute lil bassinet will be stationed next to our bed for the first while, and just looking at it gets me anxious.
my mom gave me this sweet bassinet that i picked out, and i’m just a little obsessed. the rocking base came from dada baby boutique. or you can get THISsimilar one on amazon that is a lot less expensive. the moses basket is from target.

big news…

i made this little sailboat garland since we are going to be moving to the BEACH!
well, california that is.
j just accepted a job, and we will be moving to camarillo before the month ends.
it’s all happening so fast, but we are nothing but thrilled for this new adventure!


22 weeks and finally rocking a decent bump.
i just wanted to share some little insights on my pregnancy so far…
i had a whole vision on how hard it would be to get pregnant, and how my body would react to being pregnant. boy was i wrong.
in january my doctor told me he was 95% sure i had endometriosis, which i had known to be true for years now. it was weird hearing it be official and knowing it could be a struggle to get pregnant. we had secretly been trying for a few months, and i just knew that it was going to come down to me getting surgery or getting on clomid to help me conceive. i tried eating gluten/dairy free for 3-4 weeks in april just before our big family trip to hawaii. not sure if it was the healthy food changes, or that sweet hawaiian air, but i got pregnant on that trip!
when i took that pregnancy test and saw those pink lines show up instantly, i thought it was a fake. i quickly took another one and sure enough, it showed up again.
i remember driving down to meet jared for lunch to surprise him with the news, and kept checking to make sure those lines were still there. i thought it was all in my head, it couldn’t happen this easy for us, could it?
well it did, and this babe is hear for the long haul!
i cannot tell you how amazing this journey has been so far!
i am in love with being pregnant. i have been so giddy from the beginning just knowing that this little guy in my belly is going to make me a mom forever, and nothing makes me happier!
there is no greater feeling than feeling a little baby kick inside of you. i can’t even explain it, but it makes me tear up just talking about it. i love the little reminders he gives me that he’s there on a daily basis. even when it’s in the middle of the night, i still smile!
i’m not saying i’ve had the most perfect pregnancy so far… i’ve had my share of pains, some stomach aches/sickness, hormones, and restless nights sleep. but i choose to focus on the good, and laugh at the changes my body is going through.
i have had 2 significant days where my emotions got the better half of me. one being cafe rio didn’t put my salad in the to go bag with all the other orders. i cried all the way to go back and pick it up. don’t mess with a really hungry pregnant lady.
but both times i have been able to laugh through my cries, knowing that this is something i would normally never cry over, so it’s hilarious to me that you really cannot control your emotions.

so i think my happiness has outweighed my hormones.

i hope if you are pregnant or when you get pregnant you are extremely grateful. i know so many people don’t get the opportunity to experience this, or have a hard time getting to this point. so be thankful you get this chance! it is all so worth it!

gender reveal party

a week before we found out what we were having i met this cute girl that was pregnant with her 4th boy.
she asked if we were planning a fun way to reveal the gender, and i still wasn’t sure. she told me i should go for it! especially now while i am young, and have the time and energy.
so i said, why not? we had a fun idea anyways!
pinterest was no luck with ideas, and then my sister in law mentioned using cotton candy somehow.
my cousin just so happened to have a cotton candy machine, so it was fate!
 we had both families meet at our home, and i roped off the route for them to go using a little pom pom garland i made!
the garland led them to this cotton candy display.
 i didn’t have a chalkboard big enough, so i just painted a piece of cardboard with chalkboard paint.
it says:
pink or blue, it’s up to you
take your pick, and grab a cotton candy stick!
 cotton candy garland made via THIS tutorial.
so we had each family member grab a pink or blue cotton candy stick as their final guess and head around the house to the backyard where j and i were waiting.
i was holding a blue cotton candy stick, and j was holding a “it’s a boy sign”!
we had decorated our backyard with bistro lights and tissue tassels that were blue!
 we ended the night with a smores party, laying on the hammock, and brewing up names for baby boy!
such a fun night, and we are so happy to be having a boy!
we always knew it was going to be a boy, so it was a fun conformation!
my cute little sister made this sweet video of the night!
so glad she did. it’s hard being the photographer at your own event, which is why i only have few images. so this video made me happy!
thanks sis!