6 Reasons A Clean Kitchen Is Critical

Very few people actually enjoy cleaning but if there is one area where cleanliness and hygiene are absolutely critical, it is in the kitchen. 6 Reasons why you should keep a clean kitchen include:

Food Preparation

It is much easier to prepare and cook food in a kitchen that is clean and tidy. Cooking your own meals using fresh ingredients is much healthier than eating pre-prepared or take-out food.

Prevent Illness And Disease

Food attracts a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms (like fungus and mold) that are detrimental to your health. Ensuring that your kitchen is clean and hygienic will eliminate this unseen threat and help prevent illness and disease.

Perishables Lifespan

Most fresh ingredients are perishable which means that they will rot. Food will go rotten much faster when stored in warm, moist conditions and if exposed to the microorganisms mentioned above. Increase the lifespan of perishable food items by storing them in a clean refrigerator.

Appliance Lifespan

Dirt, grease, and grime builds up on and in your appliances and if they aren’t cleaned regularly, this can result in malfunctions. Your kitchen appliances are likely to last much longer and save you the cost of replacement if they are cleaned, serviced and well-maintained.

Toxic Chemicals

The kitchen is often the main storage area for chemical detergents that are used for cleaning. These chemicals are toxic and can be harmful to your health. Always follow the cleaning and storage instructions for household detergents and any other toxic chemicals that are stored or used in the kitchen.

Safety Hazard

A dirty, cluttered kitchen is a safety hazard. Dishes and other paraphernalia lying around can fall and break resulting in injuries. Grease built up in the oven or stovetop can cause a fire. De-clutter and clean your kitchen to make it a safer environment. Important to clean grease trap in your kitchen. Best to handle it from a pro. Grease trap Houston can help you with it.

Where To Go Shopping In Maui

During your stay on Maui, there will come a time, in between basking on the beaches and traveling around the island sightseeing, that you will need to do some shopping. Whether you are looking to stock up on essentials or want new beachwear or are looking to buy souvenirs to take back home with you, you can rest assured that you will find everything you need in one of the many malls on Maui. Here is a look at some of the best places to go shopping while vacationing in Maui,

If you are in Maui’s Upcountry Makawao, Baldwin Avenue, the only main street in the town, is lined with a ton of wood-floored country stores, gift shops, art galleries, and stylish fashion boutiques, housed in the vintage architecture of a historic, wild west-themed town. From a Starbucks coffee bar to a Japanese toy store to upscale European linens and exquisite glass-blowing demonstrations, Makawao has everything you need.

In Central Maui town Kahului, you should find everything you need in Maui Mall, which about five minutes from the airport, and Queen Ka’ahumanu Centre. Maui Mall has a multitude of shops as well as a 12-screen movie megaplex. The Queen Ka’ahumanu Centre, which is the third-largest complex in the state, offer houses well over 100 shops and restaurants. Both centers provide clothing, shoes, electronics, home accessories, books, surfwear, and a variety of island-style and ethnic foods.

Wailuku, which is in Central Maui, is slowly emerging as one of Maui’s top shopping destinations. The town offers a take-your-time-and-check-every-store shopping style. Casually stroll down the town’s Market Street and lose yourself in contemporary gift shops and edgy art galleries as well as shops with tons of unique treasures.

One of the best shopping complexes on Maui is Whalers Village in Ka’anapali. The complex, which is right off one of the most beautiful beaches in Maui, is a shopping goldmine. Whaler’s Village houses various shops from Louis Vuitton, Coach, and other designer boutiques; aloha wear and surf shops; quality made-in-Hawaii and import handicraft goods shops; and so much more. When shopped out, relax and unwind in one of the complex’s oceanfront restaurants or tour the whale museum.

If you want to rent a car, you can rent in luxury car rental Maui to be able to visit all shopping malls in Maui and of course their beautiful beaches and views.

diy baby valentines

i’m a big valentines fan, and so my kids will have to be!
i wanted to include oliver in making some valentines for his cousins and friends, and aunt/uncle that are on missions.
let me warn you that oliver was not the biggest fan of getting his hands and feet painted. it’s as if he thought i was cutting them off. haha. i thought i had the perfect set up, put him in the high chair with snacks to eat, and baby einsteins playing on the computer next to him. i wasn’t sneaky enough. but it was worth it, i mean look how cute these are!


my lil sis hit her halfway mark on her mission last month, so i put together a little package for her. she’s in the deserty part of california and i thought a cactus theme would be perfect!
diy cactus pillow – everything emily
cactus weekly notepad – wit and whistle
cactus keychain – tapir back
diy cactus piñata – oh happy day

nine months

not sure if i will ever grasp that you are mine oliver j. how did i get so lucky? every day somehow keeps getting better and better!

malibu hike

photo from hikeology

i found this sweet blogger, hikeology, that will blog different hikes in and around LA. i’ve discovered so many i want to do, and some were even close to us. so we set out saturday afternoon to malibu to do this sweet hike that overlooked the ocean.

after we headed down to the beach just across the street from the hike. it was the perfect way to spend a saturday afternoon. can’t wait to check off more hikes fromhikeology

a peek at oliver’s room

here is a little peek at oliver’s room so far.
it’s definitely not finished. i’m in need of a rug, some pillows, a bookshelf, another light source.
BUT i am pretty in love with how it’s turning out.
custom wood silhouette – vonjet silhouettes
obsessed!! ^
paint color – comet dust by valspar at lowes
shelves – ikea
whale print – etsy
dolphin – tj maxx
other prints & sailboats – made by me
beach book – amazon
little crab book – amazon
little cloud book – amazon
dresser & curtains – ikea
lamp – target

rope curtain tutorial – HERE

world map – thrifted
crib – ikea
cloud pillow & driftwood mobil – made by me
crochet blanket – made by my mother in law
wood silhouette – vonjet silhouettes

final countdown

we’ve made it.
we’re one month away exactly.
our little oliver will be here before we know it!
since i can’t contain my giddiness, i thought i would share one of my most favorite gifts i have received.
this cute lil bassinet will be stationed next to our bed for the first while, and just looking at it gets me anxious.
my mom gave me this sweet bassinet that i picked out, and i’m just a little obsessed. the rocking base came from dada baby boutique. or you can get THISsimilar one on amazon that is a lot less expensive. the moses basket is from target.

big news…

i made this little sailboat garland since we are going to be moving to the BEACH!
well, california that is.
j just accepted a job, and we will be moving to camarillo before the month ends.
it’s all happening so fast, but we are nothing but thrilled for this new adventure!