gender reveal party

a week before we found out what we were having i met this cute girl that was pregnant with her 4th boy.
she asked if we were planning a fun way to reveal the gender, and i still wasn’t sure. she told me i should go for it! especially now while i am young, and have the time and energy.
so i said, why not? we had a fun idea anyways!
pinterest was no luck with ideas, and then my sister in law mentioned using cotton candy somehow.
my cousin just so happened to have a cotton candy machine, so it was fate!
 we had both families meet at our home, and i roped off the route for them to go using a little pom pom garland i made!
the garland led them to this cotton candy display.
 i didn’t have a chalkboard big enough, so i just painted a piece of cardboard with chalkboard paint.
it says:
pink or blue, it’s up to you
take your pick, and grab a cotton candy stick!
 cotton candy garland made via THIS tutorial.
so we had each family member grab a pink or blue cotton candy stick as their final guess and head around the house to the backyard where j and i were waiting.
i was holding a blue cotton candy stick, and j was holding a “it’s a boy sign”!
we had decorated our backyard with bistro lights and tissue tassels that were blue!
 we ended the night with a smores party, laying on the hammock, and brewing up names for baby boy!
such a fun night, and we are so happy to be having a boy!
we always knew it was going to be a boy, so it was a fun conformation!
my cute little sister made this sweet video of the night!
so glad she did. it’s hard being the photographer at your own event, which is why i only have few images. so this video made me happy!
thanks sis!

diy nightstands

some of you may know that we just recently moved from draper to lehi. for past year we have been living in a couple’s home while they were on an LDS mission. while it was so nice to pay cheap rent, and live in a huge home that was fully furnished, we were excited to finally be in a place of our own.
we had one free desk to our name as far as furniture goes, so we knew we had a lot to get. we didn’t want to spend our entire savings on furniture so we have been spending our nights staining and building our own.
these nightstands have got to be my new favorite addition, and pretty easy if i say so myself!
i’m horrible at taking photos during the building process, so you’ll just have to bare with me…
for this project of 2 nightstands you will need:
3 – 1x8x8ft wood boards – about $8 each
wood stain – i used mixwax gel in hickory
clear coat – i used minwax polycrylic clear satin
32 – nails – we used #17 x 1″ – 1.75 nails
8 – legs
and a hammer
to make life simple, head to home depot to get your wood. they will cut the boards down to the exact size you need them at.
 you will need:
-8 pieces that are cut 20″ long
these are the top & bottom boards
-4 pieces that are cut 14.5″ long
these are the side boards
the boards you get claim to be 8 inches wide but they are really 7 1/4 wide.
so overall the dimensions of your box are 20″ wide x 14.5″ deep x  8 4/4″ high”
please use my sad little graphic as a guide…
after your wood is cut, and sanded smooth, comes the fun part. and by fun i mean messy! staining the wood.
it’s best to use an old t shirt cut up to apply the stain. use one scrap to apply the gel, and one clean scrap to remove and even out the stain.
i only did one coat, because my dresser i stained turned out a little darker than i wanted.
once it’s dry apply the clear coat.
next, you assemble.
i found all the pieces that looked the best and used them as top pieces, and pre set up how each box was going to be set up.
nail the two top boards to the long edge of the side boards, repeat for bottom.
you can see my nail placings were in this photo, just 2 on each end of each board, so that will 16 nails per nightstand.
legs! let’s talk about legs! i really wanted some hairpin legs, but j wasn’t loving them, so we decided to go a little more simple, and i love them!
we ordered our tapered 16″ legs online from waddell manufacturing company.
you can purchase them HERE for $4.26 each!
put a fresh coat of gel stain on these babies, measured 1″ from each corner, made a mark, drilled a hole and screwed them in tight.
and there you have it! we spent about $80 for 2 nightstands since we already had the stain and clear coat left over from our dresser. but you can’t beat that price!
feel free to ask questions in the comment box!
lamp is from ikea, only $30!

washington dc

oh how i love my job. especially when it takes me to pretty places that i have never been before!
i got so giddy when i got the inquiry to fly out and photograph a wedding.
it was for an lds couple that got married in the dc temple. i’ve photographed at many temples in my career, but this one had to be my favorite! there was a full on forrest that surrounds this temple. already can’t wait to edit those pictures!
it was already a fun change of pace for me to be shooting in dc, but when i got to the reception location, i was drooling. located on a huge farm and right under a giant tent was a pretty white tent with tables, pretty flowers, and bistro lights. this wedding was right up my alley, so i had a complete blast!
i had no idea it was so lush out there. every little drive i took while in maryland was so picturesque. tall, thick trees lined what seemed like every road and freeway. i couldn’t get over how green it was. do i have to go home?
the highlight of my trip was being able to visit one of my high school best friends! she just so happened to have just had a baby 2 weeks ago, so i got to spend a bunch of hours snuggling this sweetie. so happy i was able to meet this girl, and play catch up with lauren.
 since lauren had been living in dc for sometime now, i asked her where i needed to go. she recommended the cutest little town of annapolis. boy, was i in heaven. evert building was so dreamy, and the fact this little city was right next to the water put me over the edge. i loved exploring and walking the streets of annapolis, who wants to move there with me?
so happy this trip was able to happen, and it was almost perfect. just missing my man.
good thing he is coming with me in two weeks to LA.
i could get used to this traveling for work thing…

diy wooden key holder

another favorite project for our new apartment.
what you will need for this project:
– a piece of drift wood, or branch of some sort
– an electric drill
– drill bits that are around the size of 3/16 & 3/32
– 3 hooks
– a piece of twine (mine was about 24 inches)
– one nail
start by finding the perfect side of the wood to be the front of your key holder.
using your 3/16 drill bit, drill one hole on each end of the wood
drilling all the way through the wood.
pre space out how far apart you want your hooks to be, mark with a pencil and using your 3/32 drill bit, drill 3 holes. don’t drill too far with these holes, just enough to make a good start for your hooks.
then screw your hooks into the holes until snug.
next, thread your twine through the holes, leaving the ends of the twine below the hooks. tie 3-4 knots and cut the end of the twine off.
hammer a nail next to your door, and hang your new, cute, never loose your keys again, wooden key holder!
i hung mine under this wooden chalkboard i made. i thought they were the perfect pair!
you can copy this by snagging a wooden slab at michales for around $10, throw a few layers of chalkboard paint on it and there you have it!

falling in love… a bridal shower

my mom and aunties threw this amazing bridal shower for my cute cousin karli.
it was so perfect.
they had a panini bar with all the toppings you could imagine.

i contributing by making this brown paper table runner with the toppings written out.

everyone had to pick a leaf with a fall word on it, use it in a sentence of advice for the bride.
she got so many cute gifts, but i loved this chalkboard made by my cousin holly
she has so many cute things in her say hello shop
bride and groom squirrels
 cute acorns made out of donut holes
 topped off the night with milk and cookies!
so excited for this bride to be! she gets married TOMORROW! hooray!
love you kars

a little trip

last weekend we spent a few days up at my famiy’s cabin.
it was so nice to get away and spend some quality time with the whole family.
here’s some pics of our fun weekend!

busy bees

just busy playing with two of my favorites.
and now we’re off on a family trip to our cabin.
i’ll catch up soon, i promise

on the table: BBQ chicken salad

this is one of my most favorite meals.
so happy j loves it too.
never heard him tell how yummy a meal was this much before!
what’s in it:
lettuce – both iceberg and romaine mixed
mozzarella cheese
tortilla strips
bbq chicken – 6-7 chicken tenders marinated in sweet baby ray’s BBQ sauce,
 cooked in the crock pot on low for 2 hours, then bumped it up to high for the last 30 minutes or so.
dressing – BBQ ranch,
i made the ranch from a packet, then added enough BBQ sauce 
until the dressing turned pink.
you can also add:
diced tomatoes
black beans
onion straws
i only used what we had around the house.
wasn’t up for another grocery store run.
such an easy yummy meal to make!

insta wedding

we came up with a genius idea for our wedding, and so happy we did.
 we created a hashtag to others to use on the pictures they took to help document our day… #ceebeeandjwedding
here’s a few detail pics of our reception off the gram.
thanks to those who used the hashtag so we could have all these fun memories!
we get to see our real wedding photos taken by the fabulous LEO PATRONE next week.
so giddy.