busy bees

just busy playing with two of my favorites.
and now we’re off on a family trip to our cabin.
i’ll catch up soon, i promise

on the table: BBQ chicken salad

this is one of my most favorite meals.
so happy j loves it too.
never heard him tell how yummy a meal was this much before!
what’s in it:
lettuce – both iceberg and romaine mixed
mozzarella cheese
tortilla strips
bbq chicken – 6-7 chicken tenders marinated in sweet baby ray’s BBQ sauce,
 cooked in the crock pot on low for 2 hours, then bumped it up to high for the last 30 minutes or so.
dressing – BBQ ranch,
i made the ranch from a packet, then added enough BBQ sauce 
until the dressing turned pink.
you can also add:
diced tomatoes
black beans
onion straws
i only used what we had around the house.
wasn’t up for another grocery store run.
such an easy yummy meal to make!
Don’t forget to clean your kitchen before and after you use it. Especially kitchen utensils, euipment, hood and grease trap if you have. You can call grease trap indianapolis to clean your grease trap at home.

insta wedding

we came up with a genius idea for our wedding, and so happy we did.
 we created a hashtag to others to use on the pictures they took to help document our day… #ceebeeandjwedding
here’s a few detail pics of our reception off the gram.
thanks to those who used the hashtag so we could have all these fun memories!
we get to see our real wedding photos taken by the fabulous LEO PATRONE next week.
so giddy.

we bought a zoo

 i hope that everyone has seen this movie, because i think it might be my new favorite!
jare and i saw it two weeks ago, and then i saw it again today. 🙂
i just might be a little obsessed with the girl in the movie.
ok, we both were.
j said he could see our little girl looking like her, and look!

she looks exactly like little j.

oh i hope our kids are that cute!
and no, i am not baby hungry…
we are waiting a few good years. but i just had to share this!